he gives twice who gives quickly

he gives twice who gives quickly
Cf. PUBLILIUS SYRUS Sententia ccxxxv. inopi beneficium bis dat, qui dat celeriter, he gives twice who gives quickly to the needy; mid 14th-cent. Fr. qui tost donne, deus fois donne. Also c 1385 CHAUCER Legend of Good Women Prologue 1. 451 For whoso yeveth a yifte, or dooth a grace. Do it by tyme [in good time], his thanks ys wel the more. The Latin bis dat qui cito dat is perhaps better known than the Publilius Syrus version, and was quoted in this form by Francis Bacon in a speech on 17 May 1617, upon taking his seat as Keeper of the Great Seal.

1553 T. WILSON Art of Rhetoric 65v He geueth twise, that geueth sone and chearefully.

1612 T. SHELTON tr. Cervantes’ Don Quixote I. iv. It is an old proverbe, that hee that gives quickly, gives twice.

1775 J. BOSWELL Life of Johnson I. 443 I did really ask the favour twice; but you have been even with me by granting it so speedily. Bis dat qui cito dat.

1980 Times 17 Oct. 13 ‘He gives twice who gives quickly.’..We have everything to gain by generous action at once.

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